Makeup Workshop

Want to learn how to contour, blend and apply your makeup like a professional? Grab a friend and come take a makeup workshop with me or come solo. Classes are around 2 hours and you’ll learn to achieve several looks quickly and efficiently. Check out this video of a recent makeup workshop for a taste […]

Eye Care: Prevention and Repair

Eye Care: Prevention and Repair On Sale Now! Did you know that the eye area is the most delicate skin on the body? This also means that eyes show signs of aging the fastest. They are deficient in collagen and elastin fibers that help give skin its bouncy, youthful appearance, so you have to pay […]

Self-Tanner Basics

How to get a Summer Tan Even in the Winter Winter time is now, and with the season comes paler skin. However, you can still get a summer glow on these colder days thanks to self-tanner. Self-Tanner is a safe way to get your glow on, but it can be tricky.  There are many on […]

The Many Uses of Baby Powder

Baby Powder is one of the best kept secrets for a multitude of issues. Try just a few of these tips, and you will be forever hooked. It is safe now as well because of pure cornstarch being used as the base instead of talc. Protect your faux glow– Dust on areas that are prone […]

How to Achieve Perfect Winged Liner Once and For All

We all know the struggle of winged liner… All makeup lovers seem to share a general consensus that winged liner is one of the hardest things to do regarding makeup application. Crooked, too long, uneven… sometimes we won’t even attempt it because of the frustration and tardiness that can result from trying to clean up […]

Easy Eyes for Everyday

I’ve noticed that easy eye makeup tutorials tend to be a lot harder to find on the internet nowadays. Hundreds of new faces and products on the market, unrealistic Youtube tutorials, and guides for “no makeup makeup” that don’t actually take a matter of minutes seem to be taking over, which is why I have […]

Basic Guide to a Flawless Canvas

Without the proper foundation, you won’t get very far. That’s why it is so important to nail the basics. Here are some simple but very important basics about your face makeup routine that will help you achieve that flawless base.   1. Foundation: To get your foundation to apply smoothly and last all day, try […]

Contouring 101

For those of us who have no idea how to do it or where to start… We all have probably seen how contouring has blown up everywhere on social media-people drawing crazy lines all over their faces to somehow blend it away into chiseled perfection. Many of those intrigued by this trend aren’t necessarily makeup […]