At Home Beauty Series – 5: How to Use Dry Shampoo

I am doing an “at home” beauty series . This is part 5 – how to use dry shampoo.

The main points to remember:
• Dry Shampoo helps to preserve colored hair so it fades less
• “Batiste” is the current favorite, found in most drug stores-it comes in several colors. You can also try “Oscar Blandi” or “Salon Grafix”
• It is a shampoo so you need to “wash” and “rinse”. Washing is with the pads of your fingers and rinsing is brushing it out…don’t leave it in there if you are trying to clean your hair.
• If you are using it as a styling aide to add texture and fullness, you can leave it in clean hair
• I am here for you! Tell me your issues, ask questions…I will help you figure it out

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