At Home Beauty Series – 6: How to Do a Manicure

I am doing an “at home” beauty series . This is part 6   – how to do a manicure.

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my home manicure tutorial video.  I kept it nice and simple so you can all keep your nails looking lovely on your own.  With just a little practice you will be a pro. 

 The main points to remember:
• Start clean; remove all old polish and any oil residue
• Start by cleaning the nails and pushing back the cuticle
• Do not trim the cuticles
• Use clippers, scissors and a file to trim and shape your nails
• Manicure tweezers help to remove dry skin and hangnails
• Use a metal file to clean the side of the nail and finger to keep edges smooth
• The oval is the most natural shape
• Buff your nails to remove ridges and smooth the nail
• Prepping and priming the nail makes polish last longer
• Ridge filler, strengthener or base coat, 2 coats of polish, top coat is the right amount of layers
• Start from the outside finger working toward the thumb, use your weaker hand first
• Clean polish from the brush indie the bottle; keep the neck of the bottle clean
• Try for 3 strokes: center, side and side.
• Add a layer of top coat each day or two to prolong your wear
• I am here for you! Tell me your issues, ask questions…I will help you figure it out

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