Product Spotlight: Brows – on sale for 48 hours only

Here’s a video that explains the spotlighted brow products and features a tutorial on how to determine your brow shape and create 4 different looks for your brows.

These products are on sale for 48 hours starting June 3 here.

Video Highlights

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my brow tutorial video… lots of tips on how to shape your brows and create different looks.

The main points to remember:
• Brows frame the eyes and create bone structure for the entire face
• Brows can be changed; so try different shapes and thicknesses
• The 3 points of the brow stay consistent, measure with a straight edge on the side of the nose through-inner eye corner, iris, and end of eye  (see diagram)
• Brow products needed are determined by your type of brow; sparse brows need a pencil or balm, more dense brow can use just brow powder
• For more drama add a powder over a pencil or balm
• Keep the lines straight; make 2 angles with a peak at the arch
• Rub all pencils in a tissue before using to remove any residue
• Blend with a spoolie brush after the initial application and apply a light layer of translucent powder to set and soften
• To create more drama make brows thicker, longer and darker
• I am here for you! Send me a photo, tell me your issues, ask questions…I will help you figure it out

Featured Products

Brow Balm
Brow Blenders
Brow Mousse
Brow Set
Brush On Brows
Superwear Brow

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