At Home Beauty Series – 4: How To Wash Your Face Properly For Glowing Fresh Skin

I am doing an “at home” beauty series . This is part 4 – how to wash your face properly for glowing fresh skin.

The main points to remember:
• Never go to sleep in your makeup!
• Wash twice a day; double wash at night and once on the morning
• Keep it simple, less than 5 minutes
• Use a washcloth for more exfoliation and keep it clean; use 1 side per day
• Face wash and body wash are different; never use your body wash on your face
• Use circular motions and wash for 1-2 minutes to remove all grime and makeup. Less time is needed for the AM wash
• Rinse a LOT. 15-20 handfuls of water if you are not in the shower. Soap residue can clog pores and throw your skin off balance.
• Use only tepid water temperature; never hot or cold
• Use a toner always and rub it over the skin using a cotton round. Check the color; it should be white…if not wash again. Or use the Brightening Cleansing water to remove stubborn mascara or liner.
• Toner restores the PH balance of the skin and removes the soap residue, and holds back oil production.
• If you over wash or do not tone, skin can be stripped and be surface-dry, which triggers more oil production
• Finish with eye cream and moisturizer
• I am here for you! Send me a photo, tell me your issues, ask questions…I will help you figure it out


Basis Cleanser
Cleansing Water
Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner
Cotton Rounds

Eye Cream
Night Cream

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