Product Spotlight: Foundations & Concealers – on sale for 48 hours only

Here’s a video that explains the spotlighted foundations and concealers and which ones would be best for your skin type.

These products are on sale for 48 hours starting May 27 here.

Video Highlights

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed the video….lots of great tips in there to make foundation application so much easier!

The main points to remember:
• This demo is for a business, Zoom or professional look, with a long lasting finish
• Apply liquid foundation with a brush. It is faster, creates a smoother finish, uses less product
• Use a steel palette instead of your hand for faster application
• Apply in circular motions over entire face – that includes lips and eyes
• Concealer goes over foundation, just as needed; let the foundation do some coverage first
• Different concealers have different effects; vary them to get the look you need
• Set with translucent powder. Apply powder downward starting with forehead
• Applied correctly, your foundation will last 8-12 hours
• I am here for you! Send me a photo, tell me your issues, ask questions…I will help you figure it out

Featured Products


Pore Perfecting Foundation
Matte Oil Free Foundation
Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation
Mineral Photo Touch Foundation
Stick Foundation


Stick Concealer
Liquid Concealer
Dual Action Concealer

Links to other products…

Steel palette
Foundation brush, Large Fluff brush, Powder brush
Translucent powder

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