Product Spotlight: Blush – on sale for 48 hours only

Here’s a video that explains the spotlighted blush products and features a tutorial on how to place your blush, plus 2 new ways to use blush.

These products are on sale for 48 hours starting June 10 here.

Video Highlights

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my blush tutorial video….lots of tips on how to apply blush and how to use blush in new ways.

The main points to remember:
• Blush is not just for cheeks; It can give a pop of color to eyes and lips
• Apply in the center of the lid up into the crease on eyes
• Apply with finger along lips, top and bottom, then line and add shine
• Foundation should be on first to hold color in place, especially on the lips
• The borders for cheeks are-vertically from the outer edge of the eye, horizontally in line with the bottom of nose, horizontally from corner of eye
• The angle of blush follows the line from lip corner to mid-ear
• Start in the hairline on the outside of the cheek and apply toward the center of the face, following your proper angle, taper the brush off your face to create a nice soft blend
• Blush makes a great eyeshadow, use it in the center 1/3 of the eye.
• Complete the eye by dividing the eye into thirds; use highlight on the inner and contour on the outer third for a beautiful look, softly blend under the lash line for more shape
• This look is for daytime; daylight enhances color but these soft shades will disappear at night
• A variety of blush colors will work so experiment with new colors and be brave
• I am here for you! Send me a photo, tell me your issues, ask questions…I will help you figure it out

Featured Products


Matte Blush
Mineral Blush
Sheer Satin Blush

Links to other products…

Sheer Satin Eyeshadow – Cashmere Shimmer & Champagne
Mineral Eyeshadow – Bauble, Cashmere, Dusk & Teak
Vitamin C Lip Treatment
Chisel Double Angle Brush and Small Fluff Brush

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