Product Spotlight: Foundations – on sale for 48 hours only

Here’s a video that explains the spotlighted foundation products and features a tutorial on how to apply foundation and concealer for a professional look with medium coverage. 

These products are on sale for 48 hours starting November 6 here.

Video Highlights

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed my foundation tutorial video. There are so many formulas to choose from. It depends on your skin type and the weather. When seasons change, so should your foundation. Some formulas have more moisture and some are more matte. As your skin changes with the weather, you can handle it with a formula adjustment.

This video covers the techniques of applying foundation and concealer for a professional look with medium coverage.

The main points to remember:
• You need 3 main brushes: foundation, powder, mini foundation
• Use a steel palette for speed and cleanliness
• Options include Pore Perfecting, Mineral Liquid Powder, Mineral Photo Touch, Liquid Matte- I can help you choose if you are confused
• Apply with a foundation brush in circular motions
• Concealer is applied over foundation as needed, and there are several options
• Translucent powder sets foundation and is applied with a brush in a downward direction
• I am here for you! Tell me your issues, ask questions…I will help you figure it out

Featured Products


Pore Perfecting Foundation
Matte Oil Free Foundation
Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation
Mineral Photo Touch Foundation


Stick Concealer
Dual Action Concealer
Liquid Concealer

Links to other products…

Steel palette
Foundation brush, Large Fluff brush, Powder brush
Translucent powder

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