Sugar and Spice and Everything Not-so-Nice

High blood-sugar levels aren’t ideal in any way, but recent studies show they can actually make your skin age faster. Sugar can break down skin’s collagen and elastin, which are what helps keep your skin looking young and healthy; however, blood-sugar levels can be lowered with healthy diet and exercise. It is best to avoid […]

How to Stay Full and Still Lose Weight

Believe it or not, you can still lose weight and not feel like you are hungry all of the time. Based off of the types of food you eat, as well as several other small tweaks in your typical routine, you will be able to see results without having to sacrifice feeling hungry and lethargic […]

Contouring 101

For those of us who have no idea how to do it or where to start… We all have probably seen how contouring has blown up everywhere on social media-people drawing crazy lines all over their faces to somehow blend it away into chiseled perfection. Many of those intrigued by this trend aren’t necessarily makeup […]

Complextion Perfection

How to achieve glowing flawless skin without looking made up Start clean– Exfoliate in the morning so skin will be smoother and require less product. Get moist– Apply moisturizer with sunscreen for protection and to hold foundation in place. Even out-Primer will even out your tone, and less foundation will last longer over a good […]

The New Brow Rules

Brows are in focus and it is time to make them more of a focal point. Follow these simple tricks for
brows that wow!