Vintage, old Hollywood glamour for bride Christina

Christina wanted a Vintage 1950’s old Hollywood glam look for her wedding hair and makeup.  It just happens to be one of my favorite things to do! Old Hollywood has so many options and they are all classy, glamorous, and fun to recreate.

Wonderful Photography by Benjamin Probe


This was one of my favorite weddings because it was so unique… classic 50’s Vintage was the look we were going for.  We wanted some iconic touches with a modern flair;  bouffant wavy hair, bold lips and eyes, flawless skin.

I can create any look you can imagine!  Whether it is vintage, beachy, romantic, or modern, let’s meet and bring your vision to life for your wedding!





My co-stylist Patty McGuire did the makeup for this wedding.  She used a gorgeous wine shade paired with gold on the lid for the perfect vintage wedding makeup.  A glossy red lip completed the look.


I did a traditional rolled set with a curling iron and then brushed it out into these wonderful waves.  I love the swooped bangs and the way the waves framed her face.  






                                                                                         Putting in the veil and final touches to this classic look.



Her gorgeous strapless gown embroidered in black was a modern twist on the Vintage style.  Vintage style jewelry was the perfect compliment.  

Thanks Christina for having us as your beauty team !