The  10  Most Important Pieces of Beauty Advice

Beauty advice on how to look your best is as varied as the people who give it. Every one has their own special tips and tricks, including me! I have narrowed the list to the top 10. These work on almost everyone and make a significant difference in the face you present to the world.

1) Use concealer – This makes the biggest difference in the skin’s appearance. Hiding shadows under the eyes with concealer instantly brightens your expression. A yellow base gives the best coverage, a shade or two lighter than your foundation. Set with powder

2) Make eyes stand out – Eyeliners are wonderful for this in the waterline or inside the top lid. Brown and black are the most common, but grey can be more effective.  It is less harsh and brings out the natural color of your eyes.

3) Give brows a lift – Fill in to match the darkest part of your hair. Use a pencil or powder to fill the upper half of the brow and along the very top row of hair. Accentuate the arch. Set and shape with a brow setting gel.

4) Powder over pencil – When using a wax-based pencil, smooth the line with a small angled brush, then apply a coat of matching powder eyeshadow. This will intensify, set, and soften the line all at once. Blend into a soft smudged line.  

5) Drink enough water – Keeping skin hydrated prevents breakouts, softens skin, and lightens circles and shadows on the face. The recommended amount is half your body weight in ounces, spaced throughout the day.

6) Never sleep in makeup – This bad habit clogs pores and causes breakouts. Makeup left over night will dehydrate and cause puffiness the next morning. It also leaves a fair amount of bacteria on the pillow. Your skin needs to be clean and have a nighty cream suited to your needs, so it can rejuvenate itself overnight. Old make up grinds into your face all night resulting in 7 days of aging overnight!  

7) Always curl lashes – Use an eyelash curler or hold lashes against a spoon with your finger before applying mascara. Lashes that grow straight or downward are hard to see.  Stubborn lashes can be gently curled again after one coat of mascara.

8) Don’t skip the powder – Powder is your friend. Powder sets everything and makes it last. There are several formulas to choose from, so you can use the right type for your skin. It should never look chalky. Use powder to set foundation and to thicken lashes in between coats of mascara. Keep lipstick in place by powdering in between color layers.

9) Use a light colored eye shadow on the entire eyelid first – This acts as a setting powder and provides a nice highlight for brow bone and eyelid. All other shadow colors will blend more smoothly and last longer.

10) Give lips a pout – Use a light luminous tone over lipstick in the center of the top and bottom lip. This gives fullness to the center of the lips. Use a lip liner one shade darker than lipstick to complete the “pouty” look.

As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have about these tips or anything else beauty related. I am super available through email, phone/text (619.822.8424) or we can set up a free consultation via Zoom. Twenty minutes with me can change your life.  (Book your consultation through my contact form here or call or text me)

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