Makeup Instruction Rates

Individual classes

Private classes can be booked by appointment in my North Park studio or your location. They are approximately 2 hours and cover skin care, bone structure, coloring, application, and a variety of looks for your face. These can include day time looks, evening, stage, bridal, or whatever suits your needs. Bring a friend for a discount.

Private class:

  • $125 in studio
  • $150-175 on location plus travel

Duo class:

  • $100 each in studio
  • $125 on location plus travel

Makeup artist classes

If you are a make-up artist, or on your way to becoming one, you may want some additional training. Make-up artist classes can cover the many challenges you will face as an artist and what to expect. You will also learn how to work on different races. You will learn how to create several specialty looks and how to work with clients.

Classes are 2 hours each:

  • $150.00. North Park studio

You will need to bring a model.

Company workshops

Get a bunch of friends or workmates together for a make-over class. It’s fun and informative. Classes can be held on location or in my North Park studio. We cover the same information as the individual class. Workshops can be lecture/demonstration style on one model or participative with each person experiencing a partial make over. It depends on the size of the workshop.

In studio pricing:

  • 3 people: $85 each
  • 4 or more people $75 each

Location classes will be quoted individually.

Ready to book a class? Fill in the contact form with as many details as you can.

Contact Meleah to schedule a class or for more information
o) 619.280.8424
c) 619.822.8424
[email protected]