Grapefruit the Superfruit

Not only is grapefruit curb hunger and is loaded with antioxidants to keep your skin looking radiant, but it also has a few other surprising uses and benefits:


  1. A grapefruit a day keeps high cholesterol away! I recommend the dark red varieties, as they are the most antioxidant-dense.
  2. To diminish dark patches of skin on knees and elbows, dip a grapefruit half in sugar and rub over your skin to lighten and exfoliate, avoiding your face, which tends to be more sensitive.
  3. Eating grapefruit before a meal doesn’t just curb hunger, it also aids in the burning of fat and regulates blood sugar and insulin levels.
  4. Use a juiced half, dipped in sea salt, to clean your bathroom! The citric acid helps to dissolve hard-to-scrub grime, and the salt disinfects. Just be sure to rinse when you’re finished.