Planning for Wedding Beauty Expenses

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their big day, but many are unclear on exactly how beauty expenses are going to figure into their wedding budget. This can lead to many unplanned and last minute costs that can blow through their savings. To help brides-to-be determine their budgets ahead of time, we’ve put together a guide to beauty expenses for the big day for every type of bride, from the chill, low-maintenance bride to the glam princess bride.

The Basic Bride

Even if you’re not the type to wear makeup or fuss much with your hair, you should still make sure to have room in your budget for hair and makeup services on the big day. Every bride should have the experience of feeling like a celebrity getting ready for their wedding day. It will be one less thing off your plate on the morning of the wedding, which is always a good thing for reducing your anxiety levels. Plus, I’ll listen to your preferences and help you find a style that’s a perfect fit if you’re not used to wearing a lot of makeup.

As a baseline, every bride should plan on budgeting $150 to $225 for their hair and makeup on the morning of the wedding. The price can vary based on how many people in your bridal party are also getting hair and makeup, as well as the location where you’ll be getting ready, so contact me to get your personalized rate. Additionally, you should plan at the very least to get a quick hair trim before the big day to make sure your hair is healthy and ready for styling.


The Upgraded Bride

If you’re more into your beauty regimen, you’ll want to add some more steps in preparation to walk down the aisle. In addition to the cost of professional hair and makeup, you can add on extra touches like false lashes or brow shaping, which will add $15 each to your budget. You also might want to add a few special services to your regimen before the big day, such as spray tanning, a manicure and pedicure, and hair color. If you’re dyeing your hair, make sure you schedule it a few months in advance with a touch up one to two weeks before the wedding to avoid any mishaps.

For these extra glam steps add $30 to $50 to your budget for a spray tan, $60 to $70 for your mani/pedi and $70 to $200 for your hair color. Of course, the cost of hair coloring can vary widely based on what you want done, so talk to your colorist about what exactly you should prepare for.

The Full Glam Bride

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of going the whole nine yards with glam treatments for your wedding day. It’s completely possible to achieve your dream, you’ll just have to make it a priority when you’re determining your wedding budget. You might even want to consider a low interest wedding loan to help spread out payments for bigger expenses. Here’s what you should expect to pay for your dream princess beauty treatments.

Hair extensions are a popular option for adding volume and length to your bridal style to create a showstopping look. There are a lot of variables that will affect the cost, but plan on adding $400 to $800 to your budget to achieve that extra length. If you’re more concerned about your skin looking its best on the big day, you could add a pre-wedding facial to your budget, which typically costs around $75. To spruce up your smile for all the photos you’ll be taking, you may want to add $400 to $500 to your budget to get your teeth professionally whitened. Adding these extra services to your beauty preparations will up your glam factor in a big way and really have you feeling like the princess you always dreamed of being on your wedding day.


No matter what level of glam you’re looking for on your wedding day, don’t let beauty expenses catch you by surprise. Plan out what treatments and services you know you’ll want and factor those costs when you’re creating your overall wedding budget. You’ll feel more relaxed and in control with your budget in place, in addition to feeling like a beautiful goddess when it comes time to walk down the aisle. And after all, that’s really what every bride deserves!

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