Amy’s Wedding Day

Asian Bridal Makeup & Hair

Amy was one of my clients who stood out to me because of her kindhearted nature and natural beauty. Before doing her hair and makeup, she expressed to me that she had be having a hard time finding someone who was able to apply makeup in the way that she wanted because of her Asian eye shape. Fortunately, after showing me a few pictures of the natural smokey eye she wanted, I was confident that we could accomplish this together. Here I applied a natural smokey eye, focusing on blending out the black for a lighter, more soft effect. We finished with a nude pink lip that complimented her skin beautifully, as well as a medium coverage foundation with some light contouring. We also decided to go with a bouffant updo for some volume to give the illusion of thicker hair.



I think that doing Asian makeup (especially because a lot of the time you are dealing with hooded or monolid eyes) can be a challenge, but I love to do it! This shape can be particularly tricky because the closed eye looks different from the open eye. However, over time, I have seen myself progress and get better at flattering certain eye shapes, and Asian eyes have become a specialty of mine. Each face and eye shape is really quite different, so not all of those online tutorials are applicable to every individual that watches them. It can sometimes take years of practice and application on many separate eyes and faces.


It is so rewarding to feel the happiness and confidence that a bride radiates after getting all done up like how Amy expressed after she saw herself, and it always makes me want to continue to make people feel their best! Here is the final look at her wedding, and I don’t think either of us could have been more pleased as to how it turned out:

Amy-Jake-210 - CopyAmy-Jake-303