10 Days and Counting

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Inside & Out

Tick, tick, tick….your wedding is just 10 days away.  An important deadline can make you feel like there is just not enough time to accomplish everything.  It can also be very motivating.  10 days is just enough time to drop a few pounds, firm up, and get your skin glowing.


Don’t starve-Drastically cutting calories will slow down your metabolism and make it harder to shed those last few pounds.  Aim for 1200 well-chosen calories per day divided up into 4-5 small meals.

Eat at home– Restaurant food is heavy on salt which causes water retention.

juice cleanse

Consider a cleanse– There are many short term herbal cleanses that are healthy and safe.  7 days is perfect to rid your cleanse from the inside out and flatten your tummy.

Protein shakesCan replace 2 or 3 meals a day to keep you satisfied.  Whey protein is excellent mixed with frozen fruit and soy or rice milk.

Shed some water weight-Avoid canned foods like soup, carbonated beverages, cocktails, and man-made carbs, meaning anything highly processed with white flour, white sugar, and salt.  These include chips, pretzels, white, French or sour dough bread, and baked goods.  Every gram of carbohydrates holds up to 5 grams of water.

Flush your system– Natural diuretics like Green Tea and dandelion root tea.  Coconut water (not milk) counteracts sodium and is loaded with potassium.  Load up on vegetables.  Asparagus, lemon, cucumber, parsley, fennel, and dandelion greens are all de-bloaters. Br

occoli is not; avoid this one for this week.  Include 2 to 3 servings of fruit each day.

Increase fiber-Fiber Fusion is a mix that you put in water, and it helps to cleanse your intestines.  Take it before bed and onceduring the day to clean the pipes.


Water– Drink 90 plus ounces throughout the day.  Drink 12 of them immediately upon waking and see if you can avoid or lessen the coffee.  Drink throughout the evening and 1-2 hours before sleep to keep from dehydrating during the night.   When your body is dehydrated, it will hold onto water and keep you bloated and puffy until it gets the liquid it needs.


Medium intensity– The best speed to work at for burning fat.  It also quells the appetite.  Interval training involves bouts of high intensity exercise alternating with medium intensity.  Interval training burns the maximum calories.  1 hour of exercise daily will make quite a difference in just 10 days.   Be sure to include flexibility stretching after each session.

Skin Care

Exfoliate-Use a good scrub (micro-derm scrub) or a wash cloth to exfoliate dead skin cells and make skin glow.  Scrubbing every 3 to 4 days will make a difference.  Also exfoliate the entire body every 2-3 days.  Use a loofah or a scrubbing glove and pay special attention to elbows, knees and feet.  Use a rich body moisturizer right after to keep the new skin soft.  Neutrogena has a light body oil that goes on after the shower.  Use before toweling and it will lock in the moisture.meleah-micro-derm-cream-scrub-3

Sunscreen-Use it religiously with SPF of 30- 45.  Be sure to include your neckline and back of hands.


Water-Increasing your water will help you shed more weight, make your skin glow, and your eyes will be more clear.   It is especially important the last 2 days.  Drink more than you ever thought you could.

Self Tan– A little glow hides flaws throughout the body and gives you a healthy glow.  Avoid the spray tan; it can look orange and comes off in patches.  Try a good self tanning cream.  Practice now and then you will just have to touch up later in the week.

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