The Many Uses of Baby Powder

Baby Powder is one of the best kept secrets for a multitude of issues. Try just a few of these tips, and you will be forever hooked. It is safe now as well because of pure cornstarch being used as the base instead of talc.

  1. Protect your faux glow– Dust on areas that are prone to more moisture, and it will keep it from streaking, especially at night. Dust all over if you are a night sweater.
  2. Sticky hairs after a haircut– Hate the hair that a trim leaves stuck to your skin? Dust powder on your neck and chest; it will lift those little hairs right off.
  3. Sand– It also removes sand from your feet and anywhere else after a trip to the beach.  Keep it in your beach bag to help clean up before getting in the car.
  4. Pre-shave protectant– Apply to dry legs before hopping in the shower, and watch your razor glide effortlessly against your smooth skin.
  5. As a dry shampoo– Fluff some on your oily roots, massage it in, then brush. It will absorb and remove excess oil.
  6. Prevent blisters– Apply baby powder to your heels and in your shoes to absorb moisture. Less moisture equals less friction.  Go ahead and coat the inside of pumps before slipping them on.  The powder acts like a nylon, protecting your feet from chafing.
  7. Faux shower– No time to refresh with a full shower?  Dust powder on your more fragrant areas and it will absorb moisture and odors temporarily.  Great for a quick freshen up when time is limited.  I keep a travel size in my purse.
  8. Makeup setter– In a pinch, it can double as translucent powder to set foundation.  Dust it on sparingly and makeup will stay put for hours.

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