Self-Tanner Basics

How to get a Summer Tan Even in the Winter

Winter time is now, and with the season comes paler skin. However, you can still get a summer glow on these colder days thanks to self-tanner.

Self-Tanner is a safe way to get your glow on, but it can be tricky.  There are many on the market, but fortunately, the formulas have improved.  You no longer have to worry about looking orange, and you can be streak free if you follow a few basic tricks and prep properly.




It’s like painting; the prep is as important as the application. In order to ensure that your Summer Tan will be even, always make sure that your skin is clean before application. I encourage a thorough exfoliation beforehand, especially on areas like knees, elbows, and hands, where dry skin is common.  Use the scrubbing gloves available in most drugstores, or Big Lots, and really go for it.  You will feel soft and squeaky clean, and your application will be flawless.

It is also beneficial to wait at least 24 hours after shaving, waxing, or tweezing, as pores can absorb more of the tan, becoming darker as a result.





You should always be dry before Summer Tan is used. Tanner turns darker on dryer areas, so you can apply lotion first to these areas, and your tan will look perfectly natural.

Now it’s time to apply! It’s always best to use a small amount at first, and I recommend applying in sections. Because of the instant bronzer included, it’s easy to see, so have no fear of streaking! Use your fingers to work the tan in small circles. It’s best to go lightly in the dry areas like feet, heels, elbows, knees, etc.


Rub the lotion on, not in.  Just apply until the color is even. It will be moist when you finish and will dry in a few minutes.  Over rubbing will just rub it off.  Always use a mirror to check your body for any uneven spots. They can be easily corrected with a moist cloth.

Wear gloves for the application. Otherwise, you will need to wash your hands thoroughly and scrub with a manicure brush to prevent some very dark palms!

I find the best time to apply is in the evening. Apply one layer let it dry for a few minutes, then sleep on it.  Most people love the natural golden glow they wake up to, but if you want a darker result, just do it twice. Upon waking, shower off excess product, and reapply a second layer for a darker result. I am very fair, so this is my trick. You can reapply whenever to freshen your Summer Tan!


Keeping Your Tan

Self tanner works by essentially staining the outer layers of skin.  Your skin naturally sloughs off daily; therefore, the more you can remove beforehand, the longer your tan will stay.

Using a good moisturizer daily will allow your tan to stay longer. Lotion also keeps skin soft and in place so you will lose less color.

Or, you can continue to apply every few days to maintain your tan.  Left alone, your tan will gradually wear off in about a week.  You can then exfoliate and start the process over.



Let me know if you have any more questions or if you are curious about how self-tanner will look on your specific skin tone!

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