At Home Beauty Series – 1: How To Do a Facial At Home

If you are stuck at home like a lot of us, you may be missing your salon and spa beauty services.  I will be doing a series of “at home” beauty treatments you can do yourself.  I think you will enjoy this tutorial on a simple Home Facial. Please comment below with any questions.

Steps and Recommended Products

Here is the outline of steps to follow and products I used from my line with a little explanation on how to use them:

Step one: Cleanse
Wash your face in the shower before you start or at the sink

Basis Cleanser

Step two: Steam
Use the steam from your shower to open pores, or fill your sink about ½ way with boiling water.  Cover your head with a towel and lean over the sink for 2 minutes. This opens pores and allows oil and dirt to be more easily removed.

Step three: Exfoliate
Use your choice of scrubs and rub in circular motion for 2 minutes.

Micro Derm Scrub (normal to oily skin, larger pores and skin with sunspots) – rinse off
Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub (for all skin types, can be used up to twice a week) – leave on
Glow Mask (clay and charcoal for acne prone skin or skin that breaks out frequently) – leave on

If you are using a leave-on mask/scrub, let it cook for 8-10 minutes.  Then skip step five.

Step four: Rinse and Remove Excess Oil
Rinse with warm water then gently rub or scrape in a downward direction to remove excess oil that may be present on the outside of the pores.  Use a strong magnifying mirror to see your pores.  Pores are funnel shaped facing downward so they can be emptied out more easily with pressure in a downward direction.

Step five: Apply the mask
If you are using the Micro Derm Scrub, it will be rinsed off after the 2 minute scrub.  Now apply the mask for 15 minutes.

Enzyme Fruit & Flower Mask

Step six: Tone
Use Witch Hazel on a round cotton pad to rub over the entire face.  Rub your face a few times to remove any excess product and restore the PH balance of your skin. This step is essential so your skin will accept moisturizer properly and not be overly dry.  Check the pad to be sure it is white…if not, it means there is still dirt/oil and your skin needs more cleansing.

Thayer’s Witch Hazel-Aloe Rose Petal

Step seven: Moisturizing Treatments
The best time for this treatment is in the evening.  Your skin is now ready to absorb treatment creams more deeply and while you sleep, the skin will regenerate and look fabulous in the morning.

Eye Cream; use this 24/7.  The eye tissue needs a smaller molecule to penetrate, so a cream made just for eyes is best.  Apply on the entire eye socket; this includes beneath the brow, eyelid and below the eye.

Enzyme Eye Cream (increases cell turnover for fine lines)
Transforming Eye Cream (reduces fine lines and puffiness)
Antioxidant Eye Cream (moisture and hydration for all skin types)
Firming Cream Concentrate for Eyes (lifts and firms the eye tissues)

Moisturize – Serums go first; allow them to penetrate for 2 minutes

Hydration X3 Serum Concentrate (lightweight gel for intense hydration, softens fine lines and wrinkles)
Enzyme Serum (accelerates cell turnover for a more youthful radiance)

Moisturizers go second.  Apply a thin layer of your moisturizer of choice over the entire face and neck and enjoy the benefits!

Enzyme Night Cream  (accelerates cell turnover, boosts circulation, enhances radiance)
Reparative Moisture Cream  (helps repair sun damage, protects against environmental damage)
Antioxidant Night Cream (rich hydration with potent antioxidants)
Firming Cream Concentrate (firms and hydrates the skin)

As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have. Contact me through my contact form here, call me at 619.280.8424 or email me directly at I am also available via Zoom.

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