How to Achieve Perfect Winged Liner Once and For All

We all know the struggle of winged liner…

All makeup lovers seem to share a general consensus that winged liner is one of the hardest things to do regarding makeup application. Crooked, too long, uneven… sometimes we won’t even attempt it because of the frustration and tardiness that can result from trying to clean up a smeared black mess. This is why I am sharing my foolproof ways to get your wings symmetrical almost every time. However, don’t forget that practice really does make perfect here, and that’s no secret. I promise that the more you try it, the easier it will get:

1. Pick your liner of choice: Eyeshadow, pencil liner, or liquid liner. Which one is right for you and the look you are going for? Let me make it easy for you—

  • Eyeshadow with a slim angled brush—This is probably the easiest option for beginners. You don’t have to yet be a master at winged liner with shadow because it will just give a “smokey” effect. It is also the softest looking, so if you want a subtle look, this is right for you. Try a matte shade like Tornado, Truffle, Black, or Charcoal. Try moistening your brush and applying the shadow wet.  It will act more like a liquid liner but dry matte and be easy to adjust.
  • Pencil liner—These can come in a gel, automatic, or powder liner formula. These are great for lining the waterline, as well as slightly smudging for a softer look. Gels are generally softer to apply and last longer. Stick to black and brown if you want the most natural and sophisticated look.
  • Liquid Liner—Liquid is great for a bold look, but it can be quite difficult for people to use, especially when doing a wing. Once you are good at applying the other types of eyeliners, you can graduate to liquid. Felt tip tends to be a great option for starters because it is the steadiest.
2. Start with a straight line following the angle of your lower lash line: This is going to be the bottom of your wing, so it will determine how long your wing is going to be. Draw accordingly.

  • *TIP: Use a straight edge. Try something like a business card, or a piece of tape. If you use tape, peel it off of your arm a couple times before applying it near your eye so it doesn’t pull at your eye or ruin your foundation. Remove after applying the liner to reveal a perfectly straight, crisp line.119 - Copy - Copy
3. Draw downwards from the end of the line you just created to your mid lash line: This will create any empty gap, looking like the outline of the wing. Focus on making an angle that hits just about mid eyelid. This will ensure your wing will look proportionate on both sides.

4. Fill in the wing and finish connecting the liner to the rest of your eye: You should be left with basically half a wing after the last step, so you need to complete the liner (but good news, the hard part is over)!

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5. Clean up if needed: If you didn’t use a straight edge and you wanted a straighter line (it happens), try using concealer with a precise straight or angled brush to clean it all up. Q-tips with makeup remover can also work!
6. Practice, practice, practice!

If you are still struggling, let me know!

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