3 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

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Easy changes you can make to rev up your metabolism without even trying.

Your body responds to outside cues such as light, food and movement. These cues tell it to do certain functions like sleep, slow down, heal digest or rev up.

Since a new year is the time when we all think about our health and weight, I will share the main 3 cues and how to use them to burn more calories. Results are quick; in just a few days, you will feel the difference and keep your new tricks as habits. They are super simple and will take less than 5 minutes.

1. Catch the light – when your eyes see light, your body starts to wake up. The brain changes gears and becomes more conscious and present. Within minutes, your metabolism kicks in to waking hour duties.

Go outside and face the sun, roll your head around, roll shoulders and take 5 deep breaths. Get that fresh air and light on your face.

If you have to get up before the sun, use a bright light instead. Go into a room with the most lights and turn them all on. Do the same moving and breathing.

If you are too chicken to go outside in the cold (like me), do it facing the window where the sun rises.

2. Drink water – before coffee, before anything, drink a minimum of 10 ounces of water. Have it ready by your bed and just sit up and drink. If you are trying to clean your system, add the juice of 1 lemon. If you are trying to help digestion and burn more calories, add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

It is like taking a shower on the inside. Your body is most dehydrated in the morning so replacing those fluids is crucial to getting all systems up and running for the day.

3. Eat – yes, you need to eat something, preferably within 40 minutes of waking. You have been on a fast for 6-8 hours. Breaking that fast is crucial to starting your metabolism for the day. If you eat something reasonably healthy that includes protein for breakfast, you will burn more calories during the day….yes, it is true!

Yogurt, fruit, nuts berries, smoothies, eggs, oatmeal are all great choices. It can be small but it needs to happen!

So there you have it, easy simple and effective. If all goes according to plan, you will notice less craving for crappy food and coffee because your body will wake itself up and feel good without caffeine or processed sugar.


Move – Just 2-4 minutes will do the trick. Do 10-20 squats in place, 20 jumping jacks, walk up and down stairs a few times, do wall pushups, jump rope….anything….just move. This gets the body started at calorie burning and keeps it awake and performing for a couple of hours. Do mini movement breaks 3-4 times throughout the day to keep metabolism going and stay alert.

It’s a new year, make it a new You.

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