3 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dance

3 reasons to try belly danceA new year is always a good time to try something new. We always think about our health at this time of year and look for some inspiration to start a new activity or rev up one we already have.

Have you ever thought about trying a Belly Dance class? I think this might be the time!

3 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dance

1. It moves muscles you never knew you had. Belly Dance is a multi layered dance. You will use muscles in and around the ones you use for exercise. We go deeper into the abs, hips and back to help you move in new and unexpected ways. 
Didn’t you always want to move your ribs back and forth while walking and doing arm waves?

2. It makes you smarter. Learning something new and challenging wakes up the brain. New neuro-pathways are created as you are challenged to remember things in sequence or learn a move you have never done before. The more you keep challenging your brain, the smarter you become.

3.You’ll get in touch with your sexy self. This might be long overdue! After the initial few weeks of feeling dorky and awkward, you will begin to feel smoother with your movements. As you get stronger, you will become more graceful.
You may randomly feel the need to undulate.

Belly Dance is for everyone…no size limits, no fitness requirements, no judgments. Come try it!

Wednesdays at 7:45 for beginners…2650 Truxtun Rd, San Diego CA 92106 at the Dorothea Laub Dance Place, Room 100.

Find more information here.

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