Easy Eyes for Everyday

I’ve noticed that easy eye makeup tutorials tend to be a lot harder to find on the internet nowadays. Hundreds of new faces and products on the market, unrealistic Youtube tutorials, and guides for “no makeup makeup” that don’t actually take a matter of minutes seem to be taking over, which is why I have put together this guide that will quicken your eye makeup guaranteed. Seeing as you probably wear your “daily” makeup the majority of the time, a simple eye routine is a necessity, so try out this routine:

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Double your concealer as eye primer. Skip the eye primer and swipe a small amount of concealer on your eyelids instead. This will still provide a sticky base for any eye makeup.

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Apply a base shade, close to your skin color, to set the concealer and provide an even background for the eye makeup. All colors will be bolder as well as stay put and be easier to blend. Try any of my favorite shadow bases: Toast, Crumpet (better for darker skin), or Antique White. Optional Step: Apply a shimmery shade to the center of your eyelids and inner corner of your eyes to brighten them and make them look larger. Peach Quartz, Bauble, and Sandy Peach are the best everyday shimmery colors.

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Double your bronzer as a crease/transition shade. Bronzer gives just the perfect amount of warmth and depth to the crease in your eye to look natural but still give a slight bit of definition. Sweep under the lash line as well if desired to even out the top and bottom eye. A good option for a pigmented bronzer is my Dual Active Powder Bronzer or Mineral Sheer Matte Bronzer.

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Use a brown shade for extra depth. Find a shade that works with your skin and eye color; (if you need help finding one, ask me) this tends to be neutrals and browns, and grays and taupes for darker hair. Blend this shade in the outer corner and crease of your eye with a fluffy brush. Try Cedar or Cork for lighter shades and Tornado, True Taupe, or Truffle for darker shades.

103 - Copy

Then, apply this same shade with smaller, more precise fluffy brush to upper or lower lash line, or both (experiment with it-whatever you feel looks best on you). The good part about using a shadow as a liner is that it will look smokey and blended out instead of harsh and messy, meaning that you can do it in a rush!
Apply mascara.

Done! Wow everyone with your beautiful, fast, easy eye makeup.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, I am here for you.

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