Basic Guide to a Flawless Canvas

Without the proper foundation, you won’t get very far. That’s why it is so important to nail the basics. Here are some simple but very important basics about your face makeup routine that will help you achieve that flawless base.

1. Foundation: To get your foundation to apply smoothly and last all day, try prepping the skin with a serum, primer, or moisturizer. My personal favorite primer is my pore perfecting primer that is great for summer by toning down the shininess and blurring pores. Buff the foundation onto the skin with a brush in circular motions, starting from the inner part of the face and moving outwards. Or, use a sponge and dab it into the skin all around the face. For a skin like appearance, use a more sheer and dewy foundation for luminous skin. If you have oily skin, find a matte foundation. And of course, don’t neglect the neck and the jawline! That will be a dead giveaway that you are wearing makeup, and it will not look cute. Finish by setting the face with translucent so it won’t budge using a big fluffy brush. If you are on the go and trying to keep the oil at bay, my invisible blotting powder is perfect for keeping you looking fresh faced at all times.

2. Undereyes: Ice and concealer are your best friends here to help out with your undereye totes. To counteract that morning puffiness, try wrapping ice cubes in a towel and hold them under each eye for around 5 minutes. Then gently tap on the bags. Finish by concealing in a triangle shape under the eyes, and push the concealer into the skin with tapping motions for the best finish and the highest coverage.  To help combat those fine lines that cause your makeup to crease, my dual action concealer contains eye cream that softens those lines over time. If you have some darkness close to the lash line, try sweeping an eyeshadow under the lash line after you are done concealing. Finish by setting with a finely milled translucent powder to avoid any creasing.

3. Blemishes: Use your concealer sparingly-a little goes a long way. Try using a color that is your foundation shade or even darker. You don’t want to use anything any lighter because it will draw attention and highlight the area. Try using a small dense brush, and pat the concealer on. This will give you the most coverage versus smearing or swiping motions. A very full coverage concealer that I love is my stick concealer.

Any questions you may have are welcome.

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