Eye Care: Prevention and Repair

Eye Care: Prevention and Repair On Sale Now! Did you know that the eye area is the most delicate skin on the body? This also means that eyes show signs of aging the fastest. They are deficient in collagen and elastin fibers that help give skin its bouncy, youthful appearance, so you have to pay […]

Planning for Wedding Beauty Expenses

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their big day, but many are unclear on exactly how beauty expenses are going to figure into their wedding budget. This can lead to many unplanned and last minute costs that can blow through their savings. To help brides-to-be determine their budgets ahead of time, we’ve […]

Self-Tanner Basics

How to get a Summer Tan Even in the Winter Winter time is now, and with the season comes paler skin. However, you can still get a summer glow on these colder days thanks to self-tanner. Self-Tanner is a safe way to get your glow on, but it can be tricky.  There are many on […]

The Many Uses of Baby Powder

Baby Powder is one of the best kept secrets for a multitude of issues. Try just a few of these tips, and you will be forever hooked. It is safe now as well because of pure cornstarch being used as the base instead of talc. Protect your faux glow– Dust on areas that are prone […]

Post-Workout Snacks

Healthy snacks and meals after a workout help repair muscles faster and make you stronger.  These 6 foods are at the top of my list: Fatty fish and Yogurt-Vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium, is often found in fish and dairy products like yogurt. Fill up on these to keep your bones strong […]

Christie’s Wedding

 April 22, the Inn at Sunset Cliffs This is one of my favorite venues.  It is right on the cliffs overlooking Sunset Cliffs.  The vibe is happy, fun, bright and welcoming.   It is a smaller venue and you can rent out the entire property for your wedding.  They have an onsite coordinator and a cool […]

Marissa and Mike

November 19, Vitagliano Winery, Temecula Photos by OJ Baclig hopeboatproductions.com I so enjoyed working with Marissa on her wedding.  The venue was gorgeous!  We had our own cabin for prep with swivel chairs, mirrors…a dream set up.  This venue really takes care of the beauty crew. Melissa and her girls were a joy to work […]

Sai and Bing Wedding

 A Christmas Celebration When I got the call from Sai to do her wedding on Christmas day, I was hesitant.  Working holidays is not uncommon, but by the end of December I was ready for a break.   I told myself…”only if the bride is really cool.” Well… I was not disappointed; Sai was one of […]